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Alpinisme: Chronological Index

I try to get out. I try to climb. I try to ski. I try not to fall down. I succeed and fail variously. Here's a chronological index (most recent to past) of what I've gotten up to - mostly climbs, but some hiking, peak bagging and skiing - over the last several years. This is not an exhaustive list (which would be even more ponderous) and for that you have my embarassment and tiny ego to thank.

FOR SALE: I'm getting rid of loads of gear.

»New England Skiing, Pinkham Notch Tour, White Mountains, New Hampshire, 9 February 2008
Solo. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Out.
»New England Skiing, Mt. Garfield, White Mountains, New Hampshire, 26 January 2008
Once more, with peeling.
»New England Skiing, Zealand Notch, White Mountains, New Hampshire, 5 January 2008
Or thereabouts.
»Cascades Climbing, Washington and Oregon, 5-10 July 2007
Some quality time in the Goat Rocks area, on Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood with my bud Adam.
»New England Skiing, Sherburne Ski Trail to Tuckerman Ravine, White Mountains, New Hampshire, 4 March 2007
Now if only I knew how to ski.
»New England Skiing, Nancy and Norcross Ponds, White Mountains, New Hampshire, 24 February 2007
A little bit higher now.
»New England Skiing, Camden Hills, Mount Megunticook, Maine, 19 February 2007
Unintentionally long tour involving much booting up a little hill and a tiny bit o' plankin'.
»New England Skiing, Pinkham Notch Tour, White Mountains, New Hampshire, 17 February 2007
Six miles on the classic. One of which was actually skied. The rest, busting trail in three feet of unconsolidated crap. You do the math.
»New England Skiing, Pemigawassett River Tour, White Mountains, New Hampshire, 10 February 2007
I'd describe things as flat. That'll do.
Nothing much happened on the alpine front in 2006. Move along. Nothing to see here.
»New England Skiing, 26 March 2005
Tour in the Nancy and Norcross Ponds area in the Pemigawasset Wilderness.
»High Peaks Traverse, Adirondacks, New York, 18-19 March 2005
Two-day winter linkup of the two highest peaks in New York with my good friend Adam.
»New England Skiing, 5 March 2005
Stellar day and many miles on Mt. Garfield.
»New England Ice, New Hampshire, 17-20 February 2005
An very odd sort of reputable track record begins to set in for the [Until Recently] Doomed Duo.
»New England Skiing, 6 February 2005
Not enough snow, or sense, on Rumford Whitecap.
»New England Skiing, 30 January 2005
A nice little tour in the Camden Hills.
»New England "Ice," New Hampshire, 15 January 2005
A trip report of sorts.
»Virginia Ice, Whiteoak Canyon, SNP, 31 January 2004
Desperation in action.
»New England Rock, New Hampshire, 5-7 October 2003
Some dancing, some prancing, some barfy-doo. Mostly sad.
»Mt. Daniel, Cascades, Washington, 13-14 June 2003
East and West summits. Sideways-blowing-mist. Fritos.
»New England Ice, New Hampshire, 15 March 2003
Solo trip, Hell Grovel.
»Smuggler's Notch Ice, Vermont, 1-2 March 2003
We went up to Vermont and climbed stuff that wasn't named.
»New England Ice, New Hampshire, 25-26 January 2003
Hey, we climbed in Crawford Notch again. Who'da thunk it?
»Great Range Traverse, Adirondacks, New York, 12 September 2002
A pleasant little walk in the hills.
»Mt. Mitchell, Smokies, North Carolina, 24 August 2002
Second time on the highest point east of the Mississippi with my bud Adam. Hardest bivy in the Mid-Atlantic.
»Mt. Shuksan, Cascades, Washington, 19-21 July 2002
Second go on Mt. Shuksan's Fisher Chimneys route, some amount of sadness. Much next-timing.
»Mt. Shuksan and Colchuk Peaks, Cascades, Washington, 30 May - 2 June 2002
Early-season attempt on Mt. Shuksan's Fisher Chimneys route; Colchuk Peak as a consolation.
»New River Gorge and Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, 12-14 April 2002
A day at the New and a day at Seneca with two Brians.
»Alaska Ice, Chugach, 20-23 March 2002
Four-day trip to Hunter, Portage and Eagle River areas.
»New England Ice, New Hampshire, 1-4 March 2002
Long and short routes in Crawford Notch. Plus rain.
»Great Range Traverse, Adirondacks, New York, 8-10 February 2002
Insane second winter attempt on a 21-mile round-trip route.
»New England Ice, New Hampshire, 24-26 January 2002
Routes in Crawford Notch, Bottle Rocket and Adam Ant.
»Old Rag, Shenandoah, Virginia, 9 December 2001
Cold climbing and jugging on Virginia granite.
»Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, 1 December 2001
New routes at an unknown area in too-hot-for-the season weather.
»Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, 10, 18 November 2001
Routes at Middle Earth and Boy Scout Ledges.
»Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, 4 November 2001
Recon of the White Rocks area and environs.
»Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, 26 October 2001
Solo toprope gumby fake-aid.
»Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, 20 October 2001
Boy Scout Ledges, Middle Earth.
»Great Falls and Great Falls Traverse, Virginia/Maryland, 12-13 October 2001
Fake-aid and a doomed Maryland-side traverse.
»Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, 16 September 2001
Great day of climbing, South Peak East and West Faces.
»Eldorado, Cascades, Washington, 31 August-2 September 2001
A Labor Day climb of the East Ridge; much, much wetness.
»Old Rag, Shenandoah, Virginia, 16 June 2001
My good friend Adam and I did the classic hike up the mountain. Later, Adam came back for more.
»Mt. Rainier, Cascades, Washington, 25-27 May 2001
A climb with the Bellevue Bros.
»New England Rock Climbing, New Hampshire, 5-6 May 2001
Whitehorse and Cathedral Ledges, Brian and Dan.
»Alaska Ice, Chugach, 9-18 March 2001
Ten-day trip to Hunter, Caribou, Palmer, Eklutna and Glen Alps areas.
»New England Ice, New Hampshire, 24-25 February 2001
Getting pounded by weather... and getting lost, again.
»Great Range Traverse, Adirondacks, New York, 17-18 February 2001
One of the dumber winter exercises in futility, this time on skis.
»New England Ice, New Hampshire, 12-15 January 2001
Brian and my inaugural trip north. Good, bad, ugly and just plain sad.
»Great Falls Ice, Virginia, December 2000
Rare ice in the Mid-Atlantic.
»Tunnel Cliffs Ice, Pennsylvania, December 2000
Minus-five temps and brittle ice.
»Lake Tahoe, Sierra, California, 1-2 December 2000
A short ski trip with good friends.
»Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, 11 November 2000
Brian and I my first trip to the House of My Fear.
»Mt. Jefferson and Whitehorse Slabs, New Hampshire, 26-27 August 2000
A day hike with Steve, a slabby time with Dan.
»Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, 29-30 July 2000
My first trip to Seneca and first real multi-pitch rock experience.
»Mt. Hood, Cascades, Oregon, 18 June 2000
A bit of a memorial climb and a fun time with Brett and Jeff.
»Mt. Shasta, Cascades, California, 25-28 May 2000
Part Two and the conclusion of the Search for Zippo.
»Mt. Shasta, Cascades, California, 23-25 April 2000
Emergency search and rescue operation.
»Mt. Whitney, Sierra, California, 15-16 April 2000
An attempt on the Mountaineer's Route.
»Mt. Mansfield, Vermont, 1 April 2000
Day tour on Vermont's highest.
»Mt. Mansfield, Vermont, 19-20 February 2000
Badly planned trip with my friend Adam, who still holds a grudge.
»Shenandoah Traverse, Shenandoah, Virginia, 5-6 February 2000
Two-day winter solo traverse of a 26-mile route.
»New England Ice Climbing, New Hampshire, 7-9 January 2000
My ice climbing introduction with guide and climber Rob Frost.
»High Peaks Traverse, Adirondacks, New York, 11-12 December 1999
Ill-conceived traverse of Algonquin and Marcy, near-death experience, etc.
»Mt. Elbert, Rockies, Colorado, 21 August 1999
Hike of Colorado's highpoint.
»Mt. Baker, Cascades, Washington, 25-27 June 1999
Glacier course and ascent of the Easton Glacier.
»Mt. Marcy, Adirondacks, New York, 28 May 1999
Winter-conditions hike of New York's highpoint.
»Mount Katahdin, Maine, 16 May 1999
Spring hike of Maine's highpoint.
»Clingman's Dome, Smokies, Tennessee, 2 May 1999
Solo hike of Tennessee's highpoint.
»Mt. Mitchell, Smokies, North Carolina, 1 May 1999
Solo hike of North Carolina's highpoint.
»Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, 14 March 1999
My introduction to mountaineering.
»Mt. Whitney, Sierra, California, 21 November 1998
A lazy hike up to the portal with a friend for a look.
»Spruce Knob, West Virginia, 7 November 1998
An aborted hike and ultimate drive up West Virginia's highpoint with Adam.
»Mt. Rogers, Virginia, 26 September 1998
Hike of Virginia's highpoint.
»Old Rag, Shenandoah, Virginia, 15 August 1998
My first time up the classic scrumble with my friend Neal.

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