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Mike Golay: Across the Bridge - Solo Acoustic Guitar
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Mike Golay: Across the Bridge
Solo Acoustic Guitar
2005 Banshee Records BRCD 002

1. Somewhere I Have
    Never Travelled 3:35
2. Damhsa na Saoirse 3:26
3. A&P 3:41
4. Lost on the Way to Fingal 2:09
5. Peggy Gordon 3:37
6. Reunion March 4:20
7. Anam Cara 3:24
8. Between the Rains 3:07
9. Pukana la Kalalea 2:16
10. Maine Waltz 3:35
11. Resolucíon 2:47
12. Across the Bridge 3:05
13. The Handsome Young Maidens 2:05
14. We Breathe 3:33
15. Welcome to Funkstown 3:54
16. Second Chance 2:30
17. What Took You So Long? 3:19
18. Mele Ho'oluluhi 3:40
Tracks 1, 5, 11, 15 with special guest Al Petteway!
Total Running Time: 59:03
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