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  hot damn, ethel. looks like it werks. and yes, mike golay lives here.
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Mikey's Twangville Gazette: Photos and Media-Typery

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»Subscribe to the Mike Golay Podcast Series subscribe to mike golay's podcast series.
»All About Across the Bridge, the latest solo record
»All About Half Pint, my first solo record
»The Bumby Tapes: 10 Questions and Answers
»Q&A with the Portland Press Herald

oscar the thanksgiving wonder pug.
»Press Kit Photos
Official press photos for the downloading amongst you.

»Self-Serving, Highly Embarassing Photos, Live and Whatnot
Not that you asked.

»Mikey Comes Alive!
Live date supporting Stephen Bennett at Melodee Music, Sterling, VA.

»The Half Pint Cover Shoot
New levels of vanity are reached. They said it could not be done.

»The Half Pint Sessions
Scenes from the recording of my first album.

»Guitar Gallery
My humble collection of guitars.

»Playing the Bambata: Baritone Guitar Demo
Abbreviated versions of "Beverly Jane" and "Maine Waltz," played on Mike's 28"-scale custom baritone built by David at Berkowitz Guitars.

»AGF/Healdsburg House Concert
Acoustic Guitar Forum House Concert, August 2005, San Ramon, CA. Includes video of "Peggy Gordon" duet with Jim Tozier.

»Mikey On Film
Download video clips from a live performance in Sterling, VA.

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