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Late. Again.
posted: 03/27/07

Here I am again. Don't call it a comeback.

As I said in my toast to those dear to me on New Year's Eve, 2004 was probably the riskiest, scariest, and simultaneously most exhilarating year of my life (such as it's been). I made some quite significant changes in my life (and in the lives of those dear to me) last year. Those things are still shaking out. Things continue to slowly but surely fall into place, while at the same time, things continue to go whack-a-whack-whack. Just life is all.

The holidays this year were good. Late-November to mid-December had brought all manner of calamity. Nerves were shot. It was nice to take a break. A highlight was my old friend Adam visiting from New York the week before the New Year.

at the portland head light, a few days before the new year, december 2004.

There are a few things already planned this year. Big things. Life changing things. These will be good. The rest... these things will happen. Just like life.

For now: Happy New Year. Late and all.

Postscript: Shortly after I posted this, I received the following from Adam:

"For the record, despite photographic evidence to the contrary, I had a great time. You may want to note that on your site."


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