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State-Dependent Memory, Vol. 18
posted: 09/17/09

Background: This is a recurring installment wherein I examine the effect of mostly cheesy music video absorption during the '80s and early-'90s and its intersection - in my brain - with bike racing. Read up for the backstory on State-Dependent Memory and all the rest. (Or this stuff is going to make no sense whatsoever. Which is fine, I guess.)


i heart riverwalk.

Loves me some coffee at Riverwalk on recovery days. Yes I does.

But before we get to the playlist today, a bit of reflection on the last week. Should be brief. Maybe.

Not a lot on the mental jukebox of late that I can recall. So probably little to nothing. I did have one tune on loop last week and it made an appearance during Sunday's Maine State Time Trial Championship, where I didn't ride particularly well but still managed a 5th place in the Men's 35-44 division (and to split hairs, ended up 4th in the state due to a foreign insurgent placing 3rd). The placing was a goal though I'd secretly hoped to podium (extremely difficult due to the mutants around here). Finished lower than I'd hoped overall, however, and closed out with a 4th place in my division for the series. I don't really take these things too seriously, but they're excellent training and I'll continue to do a few each year for field testing, tuneups and... occasional fun.

There were a few reasons why my ride at the TT was sub-par, but at the end of the day it came down to me not being mentally or physically there enough to bury myself for :35-:40 minutes. And also this tune was in my head on both laps of the 8-mile course.

That's a beautiful tune and an inventive composition. Which is precisely why it shouldn't be running during a trip to Painville. Sorta couldn't banish it... for days. I'd like to point out that the original, by Andrew York, is the definitive piece. York is a fantastic player. The reason I didn't embed the video available on YouTube of York himself playing his piece (and there are two online) is that in both cases the video has been taken from an educational DVD York released and is, as such, pretty much taking money from the man's pocket. And despite the fact that York is one of the best guitarists on earth, I'm guessing that he wouldn't mind you buying that DVD, vs. having it stolen from him and having it distributed without authorization. Just sayin'. Because I'm thinking - just throwing this out there - that York's pockets may not be cavernous in terms of depth. So you get Li Jie's more or less perfect imitation. Kinda creepy.

So that brings us up to today, more or less, with my recovery coffee ride. Here's what was on on the way to the shop.

I read everything Brautigan released while I was in college. The memory of his writings just came to me today heading out. On a semi-related note, I've never listened to Trout Fishing in America (the band). Might be a good thing for dad and daughter at some point. Or not.

Then at the shop, this.


And just before rolling back out, this.

Still one of my favorite bands. I am totally the Mayor of Simpleton.

Road season ends this weekend. Mud and cowbells through December. Yippee.

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