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State-Dependent Memory, Vol. 16
posted: 09/08/09

Background: This is a recurring installment wherein I examine the effect of mostly cheesy music video absorption during the '80s and early-'90s and its intersection - in my brain - with bike racing. Read up for the backstory on State-Dependent Memory and all the rest. (Or this stuff is going to make no sense whatsoever. Which is fine, I guess.)

Closing out the rest week, a few notes.

Labor Day was spent down at the outlaws' in the Bay State. I did a group ride populated by a bunch of really swell guys and one raging idiot on Saturday. On Sunday I went out for a too-long solo ride and did some damage to myself and no others. In the process, this one showed up at some point.

I had the original (live version here) playing, but that's a pretty cool cover.

Later in the day we were back at the house singing some songs with the kidlet and something suggested the following '80s... hit.

That is some absurd stuff right there. But I was feeling cavalier. Really I was. And that's why I couldn't get it out of my head on my Monday morning coffee ride into Wellesley, where some even sillier goings on transpired. I think i may have made Ted King a little upset in reporting the day's incidents. I was kidding, Ted King. I sorries.

Seriously. Having Ted King mad at you? Not a good thing.

This morning, something I discovered in my youth.

Diddy dum. Diddy doo.

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