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posted: 03/27/07

I sent the following to my friend Adam recently. I thought I'd share it with you, too.

Subj: here's proof...
Date: 1/21/2003 6:48:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Mike
To: Adam

...that no matter how bad things get, someone sucks more than you.

so you heard [celebrated illustrator and new york institution] al hirschfeld died, right? of course you did.

yeah. too bad. here's what's worse.

i'm watching the 24-hr. fox news last night, and they're carrying the story. and get this.

the photo they're running, as they're talking about hirsch and his ninas and all, is of ABE HIRSCHFELD. and i think the newsreader even called al "abe."

yeah, the convicted murder-plotting/parking lot salesman/pete hamill-kissing wacko.

that is all. proof.


What an insult.

And I love how if you're just a run-of-the-mill sociopath, like, say, an in-law, or someone stricken with an agressive case of OCD, you're nuts, but if you're a parking-lot king who is very, very fond of spitting on people, you're eccentric.

Odd how that works.

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