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Heavy XC
posted: 03/27/07

So the night before last, and yesterday, and last night, and all day today: it snowed.

This is good.

I think I may have mentioned elsewhere that I live pretty much on a golf course. I haven't played in a very long while, but on the occasion, few and far between over the last couple of years, that we get snow, I'll put the planks on and go out for a spin encompassing 18 holes or so.

I wish I had some light cross-country gear. I don't. Someone out here does. They broke trail through a foot and a half of powder for the length of the par five behind my place, and did a little loop around the par three just past it. But that was as far as they got. The rest was up to me.

I have, like... three sets of skis. But they're all alpine touring setups. A bit heavy for trucking around on snow-covered fairways. It's kind of embarassing, actually, to be tooling around with my big plastic boots and semi-agro bindings. It works, but it's sort of like doing your gardening with a Sherman tank. It's a bit much.

Today I went out and did a lap. It's sort of amazing what three cups of strong coffee will do to you. On several fronts.

So I did the heavy metal tour: Addled Cattle 2003. I did not set any speed records. But it was fun. I'd been going a bit batty. It was nice and quiet out there. I came back and dug out my Jeep. I was feeling motivated.

The mood quickly passed.

all's flakey on the western front.

I'll tell you a little secret. Just between you and me (baby I know our love will be - I really miss April Wine). Sometimes... okay, all of the times, I kinda let the cleanliness level in my shower go. Yeah, it's true. I'm not proud of it.

I have this shower, and there's a plastic tub in the bottom of it. It's a stand-up dealie, probably 4' x 6'. But see, the foundation under said plastic tub? Tilts to the rear. This is a problem. Because the drain is right smack in the center of the thing. So yeah, I get standing water, which is pretty durn gross, in the rear of the tub thingy. And that sucks. I can't tell you how many times I've considered ripping the thing out and doing the job right - and how quickly that idea seems to pass off over the horizon. It's piss and vinegar, for sure. And what makes it all futile and stuff, is that no matter how hard I work to keep the thing clean, it mucks up in no time. At a certain, usually quite serious point, I'll get all scrubbing bubbles on what has become a petri dish of sorts. And I'll feel a vague sense of accomplishment. I might even invite someone over. But in a day or two flat I get little deposits of munge. Again. And they get together and breed. And it's depressing. It drains the life from me.

So I respond with inaction. I'll let it go from three to six months sometimes. Okay. All of the times. And after a while it gets really stanky. And today: critical mass. Überstank.

The sucka is scrubbed.

Only "essential personnel" are required to report to work tomorrow. I am non-essential. This rocks.

Two days, two updates. Shower duty. You know I'm bored.

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