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Grill Marks
posted: 02/27/08

I don't mean to gloat... but I got skillz.

innuendo not included.

Strip steak, pommes de terre rouges rôtis, sauteed spinach with minced garlic and golden raisins, Perrin Cotes du Rhône. Twenty-minute meal, minus the roasting.

I am a simple man. And this was a very nice post-dental-visit repast. The novocaine wore off just in time for me to tuck in.

Things here, they are good. Things are good at work. Things are good on the bike. Despite dealing with a recurring lower-back injury (doc thinks disc; we find out soon - I have refused both prednisone and vicodin... for the moment). I've been getting the form on, dutifully putting in the indoor and occasional outdoor miles as weather allows and flapping my gnatty wings around the weight room. It will all add up to... something. I'm looking forward to riding with a strong team this season. And I've been playing guitar as the spirit moves, getting the itch to get my long-delayed third album underway... once again. Things. Many things.

But first: digestion.

Bon soir!

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