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Two Recent Reads
posted: 02/29/08

This is a Leap Year. Today is Leap Day. These things come around, well, exactly every four years. But it's rare that I notice. In honor of all of these facts, I present you with... very little original thought.

I read two articles in the past few that I wanted to pass along.

The first is from Michael Ruhlman, food writer, sometime chef and not-so-closet elitist (can't argue with the passion, so I won't). The piece addresses an increasing worry I have about the eating habits and subsequent health of folks in this country (they're related, odd that) and specifically, back to the worry, what I fear is going to be a serious cost to our healthcare system, or lack thereof.

»Food Rant: America's Fat Problem

I'm still not an absolutely healthy eater, but I've made vast changes in diet over the last five years or so, all trending toward fresher ingredients, fewer preservatives, healthier methods of preparation and sensible portions. I've always harbored huge contempt for diet/fat-free/chemically-laden foods. Ruhlman's take is no nonsense: eat good, fresh, tasty stuff, with a smaller fork. And get off your ass occasionally. That last part was mostly me.

Full disclosure: I have been guilty of sloth in my life. I have overindulged. I am not without sin. What I think is important here is getting better education to the consumer on just what it is we're consuming. Takes a little to a lot of effort.

The second read comes from Glenn Beck. I very rarely catch his show and when I do, I'm not always a fan of his schtick. But this piece on caught my eye.

»Don't follow herd on the economy

Why CNN could afford one definite article in that title above and not two is beyond me. But that's neither here nor there.

Suffice to say I'm concerned about the state of our union. I was talking with a friend of mine a few days ago about the economy. Many moons ago he and I worked together covering the market for a paper down on Wall Street. He still works in publishing and he's back to covering finance. We both agreed that the last people on earth who are going to tell you the market is in the toilet would be the market itself. Those dollar jockeys will lie through their teeth until the bitter end. It's in their best interest to do so. But when they actually do come around and tell you we're all, in fact, screwed, well... that's a check you can cash.

Healthcare and economic woes. Neither the happiest nor the freshest of concerns this Leap Year/Day, I'll admit. Boring but important.

It is cold here. More snow is on the way. I am weary to my bones, in need of Vitamin D and very, very tired of riding my trainer in the basement.

But I keep on keepin' on, because that's the way I rock and/or roll. Ya'll do same.

You try the best you can.
You try the best you can.
The best you can is good enough.

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