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In With The New
posted: 03/27/07


File under "Where Are They Now?"

Recently there was climbing.

Brian Connors on the approach slabs to The Cleft, Mt. Willard. Meanwhile, somebody smells stinky. Oh wait, it's me.

And also, skiing.

Mr. Bumby, step-ball-changing on the summit ridge of Mt. Chororua.

And then, soon thereafter, skiing again.

Escape hatch, Mt. Garfield summit.

And now I'm ready for a nap.

»Soundtrack For Positive Reinforcement, Vol. 3
»Dumbest Comic Strip Ever, Vol. 4, Issue 1

The big thing right now is that I'm getting to work on several music projects, the first of which will be getting back to the recording of my new record. And I mean that. If it's a little quiet around here in the mean time, rest assured that I'm making plenty of noise elsewhere.

Thanks for stopping by.

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