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Wicked Decent
posted: 03/27/07

I was fortunate to do a live radio interview and performance on Maine radio icon Chris Darling's US Folk show on WPMG 90.0/104.1FM, Portland, ME, on 3/10/06. I played a number of tunes off of Across the Bridge and Half Pint, jabbered endlessly about superb players and friends like Ed Gerhard, Don Ross, Al Petteway and Amy White, and David at Berkowitz Guitars, and generally came off like the freak that I am. I submit as evidence:

Chris graciously asked me to guest-spin several tunes from a few of my favorite artists, and my playlist included friends Adrian Legg, Jim Tozier, Al Petteway (again), Steve Baughman, as well as [not as yet friends] Jerry Douglas and Jules Shear.

The show was a ton of fun. I particularly got a kick out of Chris pronouncing me a "wicked decent guitah playah," which, for those of you who don't speak Downeastern, I can assure you is a compliment. I'll mention that Chris is a gifted photographer whose photos you simply must see. You can see shots from my guest appearance here. If you missed the show you may listen to a stream and/or download the show in three parts below, and a kind thanks to Chris for permission. I'm going to leave the files (which are huge, you have been warned) up until I hit critical mass with bandwidth. You can do me an immense favor by downloading the .mp3s to your machine locally rather than streaming, if you'd be so kind. Thanks Chris!

WMPG 90.9/104.1 - US Folk - Chris Darling w/ guest Mike Golay, 3/10/06
Download (right-click, etc., save locally, for the love of God):
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | or Stream (yer killin' me)

If you're not near enough to Portland to hear Chris' show, you can still check the WMPG live stream on the WMPG site.

Other than that, I'm giggin' where I can. Hope to see ya.

One last thing. If you're like me and you feel guilty that you can't keep up with the news due to various (you're busy, beaten down, or it's just too depressing), I'd like to recommend a real, live, in the flesh periodical that I'm really enjoying. It's called THE WEEK, and it's a great value and a publication worth your time (think two or three visits to the loo over the course of the week and you're all caught up).

A'yuh. Quite good.

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