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Random Tip #491
posted: 03/30/08

In the not-so-warm months of the year, seemingly year-round in New England these days, cyclists will commonly apply a warming lotion (aka embrocation) to the legs to, well, do just that. Make the pins not so cold. The typical active ingredient in most oils is some kind of mild skin irritant such as capsaicin, which tricks one into a false sensation of warmth by essentially making the flesh really angry. It's somewhat primitive, but it works. Hot, hot, hot.

Something I'll recommend to anyone using such an oil for any cool-weather sporting activity follows.

After the aforementioned embrocation is applied to the legs and you're pulling on the shorts or tights or whatever article of clothing you choose to further insulate against the frigidity, take care not to get any stray warming, aka irritant, aka inferno, oil on the interior crotch of your garment of choice. Makes... for unpleasantness.

Otherwise, good day out with a local, junior rider who is strong as a horse. (I don't think he knows just how strong he is, and I'm not going to tell him - because it's not fair that genes suck so bad for some and I prefer that he work it out himself - though he may have a clue, due to the wheezing sound emitting from a certain comparatively old fart today.) We did three hours on a classic New Hampshire circuit race course, the longest ride I've done outside since... late last year, actually.

Status report?

The long and short of it is that I'll be happy when fairly minor climbs don't feel epic [again]. For now, I flub. Youth before flubber.

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