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posted: 04/14/03


Could I get cold beverage? I need some leverage...

Yes, I live. Someone asked me today if I had gone underground. Answer: no, not really, and yes, sort of.

There have been busy things. Yes. Things that have kept me buzzing busily. It happens occasionally.

The record is out and the whole thing is going well, all of it. I'm in various web stores and I'll be in a few selected retail stores soon. I feel as if this site has become three-frying-pans-to-the-forehead about the damn thing, and here I go again, blabbing on. And I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry. I wish it could be another way. But you see: whore.

I've been playing live a bit. I played live, a bit, tonight, as a matter of fact. Got home around an hour ago. I played okay. I did St. Martin's (0:56, 888kb). I just wanted to see if I could get through it in front of an audience. My right hand had other ideas, and decided to go for a walk elsewhere here and there, but I managed to hold it together and got a good response. I told the story behind the piece, about how I'd lived a block from The Cathedral of St. John the Divine for three years, and had gone in and sat in St. Martin's Chapel, in the Cathedral, on many occasions, and that I had discovered, about two years into doing this special brand of navel-gazing, that the chapel was reserved exclusively for prayer, which was spelled out pretty clearly on a sign on its door that I had somehow overlooked... for a very long while. And that for a heathen, I spent an awful lot of time in there. What a joy it is to tell these stories. How vacant the stares can be. How very alone I am.

There were actually a couple of people at the gig tonight who had been to St. John's, and a woman came up to me later and told me she had lived on 110th Street, only three blocks from me. Which is really pretty garsh darn cool, I must say.

People have been very supportive. I played a couple of times last week too, and other than having to play over a guy who talked loudly through my set on night two, I've had a good time, and haven't lost too much face in the process. A little forehead, a spot of chin. Otherwise intact. I've met some very nice folks who have expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the music, and I can't tell you how much that means to me. I am almost always at a loss for words. But I say: Thank you. Thank you very much. And good. Quite. I am glad you like.

I've gotten a few really nice reviews that I'm collecting and I'm waiting on a few more. You'll be the first to read... There are, seriously, some Very Cool Things happening that I just can't disclose at the moment on account of the jinxin'. But golly... I shore am powerful tickled.

I'm working on a whole lot of new stuff, and I'm starting to put together some tunes for the next record, which I hope to do in 6-8 months or so... ish... wise.

I haven't watched the news in a month. I feel incredibly guilty about it. But I just can't. My TV viewing consists of: The Simpsons, Six Feet Under, Da Ali G Show, and Home Movies. And last night I couldn't sleep so I watched some French and British flicks from the 60s. And also something with Dorothy Stratten in it. Neither French nor British. Just Badish.

Do you know how it is when there are just so many, many things, and to try to touch any of those things, to try to pull any of those things out of the mix and convey anything... things just scatter, and you grab at air?

It's like that.

So until I come up with something I can touch and hold, it's probably underground for me. But I hope to see you soon. And I'm pretty sure I will. Soon.

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