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Few Sights Are More Terrifying...
posted: 06/03/07

...than a stopped-up hotel toilet with no plunger in sight.

You know, with the water cresting higher and higher, up to the rim, threatening overflow. Any plumbing implements in this little tiled room? Darting glances... and... bupkus.

But perhaps this is too much information. In fact, I'm certain it is. All I can say is, lotta pasta, lotta caffeine, lotta glucose and fructose, lotta Clif products running through the bod this weekend. One very scary handful of seconds at the Bangor Fairfield in room 310.

And so. On Saturday I rode in the Bangor Time Trial, up in, well, not really Bangor, but Eddington, ME. This was my second race this season (after, yes, I'll remind you, 16 years off the bike; I will in fact take cheese with my whine). Thanks to Brandon at Cape-Able Bikes - and to my highly intelligent, beautiful and most understanding wife - I rode my new road bike, another LeMond, this time a Buenos Aires, slightly tricked up from stock with Ultegra and such. It is smoove.

getting the hurt on, bangor time trial, 060207.

Señor Mumbles gets underway.

Yeah. The time trial. I pretty much sucked. Compared to the field anyway. I came in at around 8:17 (this is kinda bad) behind the winning time, on a rolling 15mi. out-and-back course. I just don't yet have the miles in the legs to push big gears for long times, so I was forced to do some spin-o-rama. I'll get there. It was fun, and I did manage to ride with reasonable form. I rode significantly better (albeit with a semi-proper, i.e., road, but not time trial-specific, bike - no aero bars, no disc - just a, you know, bike-bike) than I did a few weeks back at the Seacoast Time Trial in Kennebunk. I'm thinking hillclimb time trials, yes... I think these will suit me a bit better than the typical mashfests to which I've been turning up. We... shall... see. A few coming up in the nearish.

turning the hurt off, bangor time trial, 060207.

I can has cheezburger now?!

Today I rode the 2007 Kennebunk Tour de Cure, and that really rocked. I'd signed up to ride with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine team on the 100K (what turned out to be ~67mi.) ride, but as it happened, I was the lone rider representing that team in the long jaunt. I felt really good all day, trading pulls with a few folks for the first half hour or so before going off the front with a woman named Janice for the duration. We finished, with a few very quick rest stops, one and two for the 100K, in a little under four hours. Really nice day.

I want to thank everyone who donated to the cause. Your support is very much appreciated. I'd love to see a cure for diabetes - or perhaps more realistically, better treatment, detection, and positive, constructive media attention for the disease - in my mother's lifetime. Your generous support is helping us all get there. Thankee!

If you've been holding out, no worries. You can still contribute by clicking the ADA logo below. I was able to raise very nearly $1,000 - my goal - in a very short amount of time. It would be great to see a few more shows of support for the cause roll in.

support mike in the 2007 tour de cure.

It's not too late to make a contribution.

Finished the day by watching the conclusion of the Giro. Great race this year, despite the near constant distraction of doping scandals elsewhere in the cycling world. The Italians definitely know how to kick it. I think there's a trip to Tuscany in the future for me...

Grazie ancora a tutto per il vostri supporto ed interesse!! Ciao!

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