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Last Mike of the Summah!
posted: 03/27/07

Gosh it's hot. A'yuh.

I'll be wrapping up East Coast summer performances over the next several weeks and I'd love to see ya at one/all! I'm right in the middle of writing my third record and I plan to hunker down in mid-August to get it all sussed out before heading in to the studio in September. I'll be road-testing a few of the new pieces at upcoming shows, so please, come on out, bring a brood of your rowdiest relatives, and get your live on!

JULY 28th: I'll be a guest on Local Motives, WMPG 90.9/104.1FM, Portland. There's a live stream of the one-hour interview and performance online. Check the finer points below, and please, support local and public radio!

[An archive of the broadcast is available here. - 07/31/06]

JULY 29th: I'll be playing in concert with my good friends Kate Wegner and Chuck Donnelly, the superb Celtic-fusion duo, at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME. This promises to be a beautiful night of music.

[Great night! Photos are available here. - 07/31/06]

AUGUST 5th: I'll be doing a mini-concert supporting Berkowitz Guitars at the 2006 Newport Guitar Festival in Newport, RI. This fabulous guitar show, in its second year, features many of the world's greatest luthiers' work, along with live concerts and workshops. Bonus: the Newport Folk Festival is on just down the street.

[Way cool. Some pix here. - 08/09/06]

AUGUST 10th: I'll be making my third appearance at O'Naturals Summer Acoustic Series in Portland. You'll have a sandwich, you'll listen to some twang, no big whup.

AND FINALLY, closing out the summer shows, on AUGUST 12th I'll be at Acoustic Coffee in Portland. This will be my third time playing at the joint, and I seriously dig the scene there. You gotta love a place this dedicated to bringing live entertainment - nearly every night of the week - to the city. I'll be taking some chances with new material at this gig - don't miss it! I may fall over! Or stub a toe! Noah Harrison opens at 8pm.

Tell your friends! Bring your pets! (Actually, call first on that.) Hope to see you!

The nitty, light on the gritty:

All 2006 dates, info and the like:

I'm hoping to play out in California's Bay Area in October and in the U.K. this November. Wherever you may be, I'll do my best to see ya real soon.

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