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  hot damn, ethel. looks like it werks. and yes, mike golay lives here.
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Ain't Gonna Happen
posted: 9/17/02

I have a stress fracture of the 4th and 5th metatarsal, or something like that. Me foot bones is broke, slightly. It all sucks quite a little bit.

I got x-rays yesterday. I have to stay off my foot for the most part, for 4-6 weeks (which is so not gonna happen). I don't have a cast. I have to use crutches to travel any significant stretch of the earth. I have to explain to people that I got this thing that looks like nothing from walking too much, too fast, for too long. The worst part is the no cast thing. You can't get anyone to believe you without the cast, even a soft one. But the doc says no. I tried putting a brace on and it hurt like hell. A man with no cast should expect no sympathy. A man with no cast, gimping along on crutches, that man looks like he's on the grift. Don't trust such a man, unless that man is me.

I see many, many DVDs in the immediate future.

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