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Something Nice
posted: 9/24/02

The general reaction to my lengthy tirade on the continued ills suffered at the hands of lousy, filthy tweakers with the keys to The Big Box was somewhat akin to the reaction Woody Allen got when he released "Interiors" in 1978. Allen revisited said appraisal at the end of "Stardust Memories" a few years later, with the last scene's alien visitation, and the essential message delivered by The Third Kind to the director: "We enjoyed your earlier, funnier work."

A number of people actually did express shock and concern. Good, I guess. And a number knew the score and were sorta... you know... whatever. A few are in the same boat I was in, and are in the process of attempting to abandon ship.

So, you want to read something nice, do you?


You know what's really nice? Backrubs. The gettin'. Not so much the givin'. What a very fun time that is. You should try giving me one sometime.

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