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I Can't Stand It
posted: 03/27/07

With all apologies to Charlie Brown.

I would like to offer the following.


Bush's Supreme Court nominee not a judge

I like this:
"Miers, who is White House counsel, was Bush's private attorney before coming to Washington."

Can you believe this crap? I mean... no offense to Ms. Miers. I'm sure you've had a nice life. And by the way, great eye liner. But seriously. Maybe you'd want to have a little bit of experience in one of those big, mahogany rooms while wearing a black robe (and maybe even one of those cool mop-looking wigs) before your buddy George nominates you for the Supreme effing Court?

I know. You're a little taken aback too. Because, see, normally even the biggest idiots in office don't go so far with the cronyism. At least... not this blatantly. Because, you know, it's kind of bad for business. But not our George.

Right. So done deal, then. Perfect. No issues or conflicts here.

Just think, Ms. Miers. If you'd spent a decade as the stewards and judges commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association you could have had that great FEMA job (see, even Michael Brown was a judge - even if it was only of the "You're this many hands high, Mr. Ed!" variety). Rats. Guess you'll just have to settle for the Highest Court in the Land.

Hey W. There's this vet, around the corner. Good with cats. Talk of the town. I think he'd be a great Surgeon General.

Bananas. Bad craziness. Evil. We're all going to Hell.

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