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Toenails Grow Indefinitely
posted: 03/27/07

new york mets.

Mets force NLCS Game Seven. I remember 1986 (sorry New England, I know you'd love to forget - but you never will, because that's what you do: you don't forget). For those of us not yet living [way] up north, 1986 was a very good year. A 20-year anniversary series would be most nice-tastic.

Go. Mets. Please...

Mise Ó jour d'Úpaule:
Saw an ortho, as planned. Current course is surgery avoidance, which is a good thing, and which makes said ortho My Favorite Guy. Right now I'm doing physical therapy twice a week. I go in, I get tossed around like a doll, I pull on rubber bands, I splay my back out on torturous roller devices (or as I call them: Rejected Hammock Designs #47, 48), I contort myself into embarassing and wholly vulnerable body positions. I walk out of the place looking like a limp, oily rag and I come home and put ice over the whole of my degenerating carcass. It's a lot of fun.

It does seem to be doing some good. The idea right now is to reduce the inflammation in the rotator cuff with rest, ice and drugs. Meanwhile, because I've unconsciously babied this condition for some time, basically defining a new arc of movement for my left arm to avoid pain, I've neglected to correctly use (or use at all) some key muscles in my shoulder and back, primarily on my left side. So we're targeting these with pinpoint precision, the effect essentially being that I now have aches in the areas connecting already aching aches to other aches just now waking up. Saturday morning I threw out my back clipping my toenails. Just super.

So I've got all that going for me.

A new podcast episode is coming soon. Ya might wanna catch up if you're not up to Episode Three. You're gonna be so lost.

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Huh? Wazza? Help!

Really nice show with Johnsmith (yes, that's correct) at Kennebunk Coffeehouse last weekend (of the pulled back). Thanks to everyone for coming out and I hope to see ya again soon. Next up, California, and then London/Paris/Nice.

Hoo boy. That'll do.

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