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Odd, This
posted: 03/27/07

Last night, following the Sox/Yankees Game Six, I retired to a not-very-good night's sleep. I hit hay around 1am.

At some point I found myself dreaming about attending a play. All I remember about it was that it was a production at a rather large high school, for some reason I remember it being Jenks High School in, as they say, Jenks, America (it's in Oklahoma). Which reminds me of some kid from my childhood yelling at his mom for being late to pick him up somewhere in Jenks (I can't recall where, it was possibly a football game), he wasn't from there, and he was exclaiming that she'd left him there on his own for far too long, "All the way out in Jenks, America!" I can still hear the twang.

Anyway, the play was about baseball. And what I recall in terms of dialog was something about proper turfgrass upkeep. And they were salting the infield (?). It was riveting.

[I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with the winters up here. And I need to examine my diet, I think.]

I glanced to my right - I was sitting in the seats on the left side of the theater about halfway back, the audience was largely high-school kids, maybe a few parents - and I saw a familiar face about four seats down.

It was our current President. W.

He was enjoying himself. And, apparently, trying to make friends. He produced, from a sack under his chair, several large, gold-green cans of beer. He began to pass them down the aisle. I considered refusing briefly, but took one. When I looked at the can, it had a label similar to the one found on Canada Dry products. And it said something like "Vermont-made," and then, lower on the can "Pickle Extract."

The beer George Bush was handing out in my dream was actually pickle juice. I took a taste and confirmed. And I remember in the dream thinking: this idiot is passing out near-beer that's actually made from pickles, to juveniles. Smart. No wonder the scowl and the smirk and the lemon-pucker, if he's drinking this stuff all the time.

For this reason, and many others, let us all consider the:

Two things need to end in victory in the very near future:
1. This ALCS. Yes, I am pulling for a Curse Reverse.
2. John Kerry's run in November 2004.


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