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posted: 03/27/07

Current task: Avoiding the issue. Avoiding writing about the issue. Avoiding. The issue.
Issue: Very little motivation in whinging.
Why the avoidance: It's a tired, tired thing to write about. It is, I would offer, what 90% of folks who end up writing these silly bloggy things end up writing about. Eventually.
Why I haven't owned up to this eventuality and its grip on me as of yet: I thought I could be cool. Tell Honey Bunny to be cool. Are we cool? Yeah. We're cool.

So anyway. It's November. Somehow, some way, Fall always does it for me. I tend to get things done in Fall. And Winter. Late-Spring can sometimes work. Early-Spring and Summer: Nope. Can't get nothin' done. But when it gets cold (or a very short period before it gets warm)... Things get done.

I've done my best to unhook from media in the last week or so. It's been good for me. I've attempted to turn my attention elsewhere, with some success. Here are some of those wheres.

  • Live music. Jerry Douglas, Al Petteway and Amy White's last local concert, Adrian Legg. Three nights, three shows. A fine time, save for some entirely ancillary crap which almost led me to commit crimes against [sub-]humanity.
  • Dealing with a particularly raging case of tendonitis in my left elbow and hand which has tended to make me, among other things, unbearable and insufferable.
  • Plotting and scheming with respect to the coming alpine climbing season.
  • Making plans to record my first [and hopefully not last] CD, for real and for true. Am too.
  • Finishing the writing of material for the above. I trimmed the project by about half because it had become far too overwhelming. I was just sitting around, staring vacuously into space. For days. With the newly focused me, I still stare, but now my gaze is directed toward objects being thrown at my person. Progress! At some point I hope to develop motor skills allowing me to dodge. Bobbing and weaving are distant goals.
  • I'm really psyched about it, too.
  • Spending a little bit too much time thinking about what motivates some folks to do really pompous, damaging, insensitive, creepy, shitty things. And planning their timely demise.
  • Letting the above go.
  • Reconsidering the above.
  • Not drinking. Again.
  • Voting. In about an hour.

I feel a bit all over the place, which is not at all uncommon. But things are coming together.

Really. They are. Soon I will be jointed.

Will too.

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