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Welcome to Funkstown
posted: 03/27/07

Things are getting groovy. Things are beginning to align. Things are getting funky.

I took this past Friday off to do some stuff. Part of that stuff required me to make a trip up north and slightly west to Maryland, a traditionally liberal state with, currently, Republican representation. Thanks for voting. Really. Thanks for coming out.

At any rate. Da funk.

I drove up to Hagerstown, Md. to have some work done on one of my guitars. That work would be performed by renowned resophonic guitar builder Paul Beard's shop. I was stoked. So I drove up, popped in, twanged a bit, dropped off my hoodly-box, and then set out on my secondary mission: Getting to Da Heart of Da Funk.

Are you ready? I knew that you were. Go on, deal with the savage riddims quaking and shaking. Feel the nasty, throbbing pulse of my day in Funkstown.

It was a very good day. I even managed to successfully parallel park in Funkstown. This is truly a laudable occurrence.

I feel good.

I knew that I would, now.

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