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posted: 12/19/08

Hey Kids!

happy holidays from grace, kristin and mike!

Wow. Three updates in six months. You'd think we'd, ya know, had a Major Life Event or something.

And by the way...

To all of you parents of newborns:
My wife and I sincerely apologize for calling you names behind your back when you so insensitively rebuffed our invitations to dinner, drinks and weekends away, or when you couldn't be bothered to answer your phone at, well, basically any time of day (or night! what's up with that?!) during those first few years of your child's life.

Rest assured:

It has been a marvy year. While I'd like to take the time to recap at some point, realistically speaking, it's probably not gonna happen. Because the clock, it doth continue to turn.

Grace is super. She's 11 weeks old now, has grown to 11lbs. and is a towering 24" long (that's 90th-percentile stattin', my friends). My wife and I theorize that our dual short-leg genes ganged up together and were intent on payback. Hopefully Grace will have a viewing advantage at sporting and entertainment events. Her parents were certainly screwed in the sightline department. She's a wonderful baby, all smiley and cheerful. She's also a champion burper and poo artiste extraordinaire. If you'd like to keep in closer contact, you're welcome to follow dad on the Twitter. The Twitter is neat-o. Mike talks about poop a lot on the Twitter.

And that's gonna have to do.

Happy Holidays to all!

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