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See, I'm Not Jaded
posted: 03/27/07

You have a happy holiday season.

I mean it. You go off and you be happy.

Go on...

I thought that this was pretty nice.

When I was a kid, in fifth grade or something, the little school band played "Little Drummer Boy" at the holiday concert, and I had a little snare drum solo - they put me in the middle of the stage and there was a red spotlight on me (I prefer blue) - and it was probably a bit much, because now I check the lighting everywhere I go: diners, hardware stores, beach cabanas, and if the union staff isn't on their toes and working the lights just right, I give 'em hell.

You probably heard that Joe Strummer died. The Clash were the first band I felt good about feeling great about. It's too bad. Goodbye, Joe.

All things considered, it's been a year, hasn't it?

You people be good, and give love, and go, go, go. Get going. Get right on that.

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