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posted: 03/27/07

I thought I could beat it. I thought I could win.

 12 march 2005.

I was wrong.

13 march 2005.

While I've actually enjoyed the snowfall immensely and have gotten out to ski and climb quite a bit this season, the shovelling of the driveway (and the re-shovelling of the driveway post-City-Plow-dumping) has kicked the crap out of me.

So I caved.

just in time for the storm. not.

Took delivery of that puppy today (and when I say I took delivery, what I mean is that I looked out the window and saw it sitting in the driveway a few hours ago - thanks for knocking, I don't believe the house was rocking, fwiw). A bit anticlimactic, for now, the storm hath passed - but I'll take it. And if it weren't for some incredibly benevolent neighbors in the persons of Joe and Allison down the street, who on two recent occasions have allowed me to borrow their snowblower (or is that thrower?), I'd be in the hospital by now. And while I hope that the worst of the season is drawing to a close, it's nice to know that I now have the powah, should I need it. Runs pretty quiet, too. Cool.

To give you an idea of the kind of volume we're talking about...

14 march 2005, post blow.


14 march 2005. clean and clear. the unnatural way.

So that's done.

What else? Could Arrested Development get any better? I mean now, in addition to the brilliant David Cross, they've added my all-time fave Dave Attell (we're talking old-school Dave; way, way pre-Insomniac)? And Dave Attell is playing David Cross' character? What? This kicks so much hindquarters.

Well, that's what's up around here. Adam and I are getting ready to head in to the Daks in a few days to do something wholly inadvisable. Wish us luck. And not any of that "Evil Leprechaun" luck. The good kind.

If I don't get back to you beforehand, Slainté!

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