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Meditation for Buddha Chenrezig
posted: 03/27/07

Holy Hell. What's happened to the time?

Yes. Well. So.

There have been things. Far too many things, as a point of fact. Among them, I shall offer... henceforth. And so on. Again and again. For the Glory of the Holy Spigot. Forever and ever. A'Hum, A'Hum.

  • There hath been much coffee.
  • There hath been twangin'. Tunes seem to fall from the sky and we scrumble diligently to catch and reverse the plumment before they crash into the ground and splatter into so many pieces that they can't be put back together again. To mix metaphors and children's stories for a moment, as is my prerogative. To channel Bobby Brown for a nanosecond. And then quickly take a shower.
  • There hath been pluckin' for the masses in the livest manner humanly possible.
  • There hath been a relocation, minor in terms of distance. And now, good things. Quite.
  • There hath been a climbing trip to the Cascades that did rock and roll, but was quite wet with the sort of droplet-unloading-sideways-blowing-visibility-crippling... mist, we told ourselves, as we gorged on Fritos for 18 hours in the tent. Prune hands have since been de-wrinkified. Eventually there shall be a trip report.
  • There hath been the deepest love, surrounding and permeating every moment, for which we are eternally grateful and which we shall never take for granted, and that which we shall cherish until the end of the epoch, or thereabouts. As in, neverending. Bring it. Sweetness.
  • There hath been various travel.
  • There continues to be various travel planning, dreaming, gallyvanting. Perhaps I shall see you soon.
  • There hath been very nice dealings with most benevolent corporate entities, namely Sir Dean of Markley. Thank you, Dean.
  • There hath been a most unwelcome visit from allergies and/or cold, we can't say just which. There hath been hopes and prayers requesting our rude guest's swift departure, but lo, mostly there hath been hardcore drug abuse of the antihistamine variety.
  • There hath been an ongoing spaciness in the cranial cavity resultant.
  • There hath been little to no updates. Please do not take it personally.
  • There hath been not enough funny. Apologies.
  • There shall be more to come. Verily, I say unto thee. And now, I beseech thee. Get freaky.

About the title: It comes from my sacred Tibetan calendar, don'tcha know? Nice juxtaposition of seemingly Judeo-Xian blahdey-blah (see above) and, well, the Heart of Perfect Wisdom, of course. So here you go, from the month of June:
   "The perfect Buddha Chenrezig has taken on the form of millions of Bodhisattvas in order to stay close to all sentient beings, end all suffering and guide us to liberation. He holds in clasped hands the precious jewel of englightenment. In his other hands [Buddha got lots of hands. Buddha all handsy. - Ed.] he holds the lotus and the crystal mala. The wise Chenrezig shows how the power of compassion can raise our consciousness to its highest potential. || Suggested meditation: Sit comfortably. Breathe slowly and deeply, allowing your body to relax and mind to clear. Place your hands together in front of your heart, cupped to form a space (signifying emptiness) and recite: "Glorious, precious root lama be seated on the crown of my head; grace me with your great kindness, bestowing on me the fulfillment of your body, speech and mind."

You know, in case you hath been wondering.

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