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A Message From the Ministry of Twang
posted: 03/27/07

This just in.

Mike Golay: Across the Bridge
Solo Acoustic Guitar.
The New CD.

Banshee Records is pleased to announce the release of Mike Golay's second solo acoustic guitar album, titled Across the Bridge. The record features a total of 18 tunes, 16 of which are original compositions, and was co-produced by Grammy-winning guitarist Al Petteway, who plays on four tracks. This very special collection of music, played on multiple instruments including a custom long-scale 6-string built by Berkowitz Guitars, a Weissenborn lap slide and a... baritone ukulele (yes, it's true, twice), took shape during Mike's travels to many disparate locations over the past few years, culminating in a very nice, rather short walk down an aisle in Boston in May of 2005. It's a happy record. We need happy these days.

For more on the album, including sound clips and ordering information, visit:
The Across the Bridge info center

Across the Bridge is available on iTunes.

For technical and various need-to-know information on the new disc (ah, the geekery, for those of you so inclined), visit:
Across the Bridge: THE EXPEDITION

For information on Golay's first record, the critically-acclaimed Half Pint, visit:
The Half Pint info center

Half Pint is available on iTunes.

Tell yer ma. Tell yer pa. Tell yer friends. Thanks, as always, for your ears, eyes and support.

That will do. Now go make daddy rich.

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